Limited edition Alien Abduction Lamp™

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The Alien Abduction Lamp

We wanted to give those of you who have been following the progress of this lamp from a wild idea to a final product something special, so we made a special limited edition just for you.

The limited edition features a laser engraved signature at the bottom of the UFO and a specially printed certificate poster. The lamp is made from metal with a high quality finish, and it comes complete with an alien crew, a perspex beam, a bovine abductee and real fake grass on a non-slip base. The antenna function as the on-off switch as promised, and it can also enable a very smooth pulsing of the light. I am happy to say that great attention has been made to every detail, making this a high quality product that I hope you will be happy to own.

Everyone who posted a comment on this blog or signed up at the original or the new should now have received an invitation to order a limited edition Alien Abduction Lamp.

There are only 2000 of these lamps, so hurry up and grab one at


And of course, the grass and/or cow can be removed so that you can place any figure or object that you want to have abducted in the beam.


  1. Andre
    October 14 2009

    great you finally made it.
    When are the invitations going out?
    So far, I haven’t received any e-Mail.

    (this time not from Germany, but from Australia)

  2. Tim
    October 19 2009

    Congratulations! I placed my reservation order a few days ago, and I am looking forward to when you start shipping to the US.

    I loved the concept and have been casually following the development process on the blog and twitter. That’s definitely my favorite aspect of this project — if I had an idea, how exactly would I get it made/priced/sold?

  3. Lasse
    October 20 2009

    Thank you both!

    I hope you have received an email now, Andre?

    Tim: A lot of researching and information gathering went into finding out how to get here, so that’s not something I can answer just like that. It all depends on the nature of your idea, how far you wish to get involved with work hours, finance, etc. Once you find out, some good starting points are manufacturing webistes like alibaba and professional sites like linkedin for answers from professionals in the field you plan on entering. The best of luck!

  4. Toftager
    October 27 2009

    You made it, you made it!

    Congrats … it looks sooooo cool :-)

  5. Michael S
    October 27 2009

    Hi, I would like to know how big this thing is. :) Height, width, weigth and so on.

    // MS

  6. Lasse
    December 4 2009

    Sorry for the late reply, Michael: The lamp stands 290mm tall with a diameter of 230mm.

  7. Alan
    January 1 2010

    My lamp doesn’t have Aliens in the cockpit windows as shown here and at See in the first picture with the box? It shows Aliens in every window. On my lamp the Aliens are to the left of each window and there are only three, one on every other window. I can barely see them!.

  8. Lasse
    January 1 2010

    Hi Alan,

    First of all: Thank you for buying a lamp!

    I am sorry to hear that the lamp was not assembled correctly. The problem of the aliens not being visible can probably be sorted out by carefully turning the top part of the UFO relative to the base to reveal the aliens in the windows (I actually prefer aliens in every other window myself).

    I only designed the lamp and I have licensed it to Tiger Global for production and sales, and therefore I have no control over the production or shipping. I assume that you bought the lamp from, and if so, you could contact them to have this sorted out. If not, please contact the reseller that you bought it from.

    No production line is perfect, so please bear with us that something like this can happen, and judge us by the way this is handled. I fully trust Tiger Global to sort this out for you.

    Kind regards,


  9. alex gurgulescu
    March 11 2010

    Hello Lasse ,
    First of all, really cool idea, totaly witty and funny, a must have for non-mainstream-artsie-shmartsie collectors. :)
    I found something on your alien abduction lamp site that I really liked, it has nothing to do with the lamp itself, but is rather an application for creating an image slideshow, found on the bottom of this page:
    I’m currently taking time off my urban planning degree and started working on something totally different, I’ve designed a comic strip, and would like to create a website for it, maybe create something like a webcomic. But i’d like to make it look a little more artie.. :)
    For further details, could you please contact me on my email ? I will explain exactly what I have in mind.
    Best regards,
    Alex Gurgulescu, Bucharest, Romania

    ps. how’s the lamp-selling-business coming along? :) hope it’s a success !

  10. Tim
    November 21 2010

    Help! I’ve been trying to email you, but the emails keep bouncing back. I’ve changed my address since I place my order a year ago — can I update the addrss with the shipper? Also, I got an order confirmation, but the number didn’t work (needed to be 13 digits)

  11. tony erjavec
    December 24 2010

    im interest in buying one but how tall are they??? doese the cow move up or down or at all thank you tony erjavec

  12. Lasse
    December 24 2010

    Hi Tony, I’m glad to hear that you want one! They’re about 25cm tall. Nothing moves, but the lights in the cockpit pulsate slowly between orange and green.

  13. Lasse
    December 24 2010

    Alex & Tim: I replied directly by mail. Hope everything is fine now :)

  14. Zoltán from Belfast
    November 5 2011

    My UFO has landed today! :) Dear Sir, thank you very much for your work, this is a fantastic looking thing. Very nice design.
    Live long, and prosper!

  15. Lasse
    November 5 2011

    Thank you for the kind words and the nice review! I’m very glad you like it!

  16. achmed algiria
    January 10 2012

    your insperational lamp has inspired me to look for ufos. thankyou very much for you design