The Alien Abduction Lamp has landed

Two Alien Abduction Lamp prototypes arrive at Oslo airport

Standing before me on my desk at home is a fully functional prototype of the Alien Abduction Lamp – complete with lights and alien pilots.

As the designer of this lamp, I am not going to begin to describe the feeling of holding a physical version of the lamp that I have been working with renderings and models of for the the last year and a half. 

I suppose that your first reaction is to want to see a picture or a video, but I am afraid that I can not show any images yet. This is after all a prototype, and as with all prototypes, the overall look is somewhat different from what a final product.

Please trust me for now when I say that the lamp looks fantastic! I am convinced that those of you who wanted a lamp after seeing the computer generated images will definitely want to own the real thing.

When will it be available?

I have had a long and productive meeting with the representative from the company in London who is in charge of sourcing this lamp from a highly experienced lamp factory in China. We were both very happy with how the lamps look, and we agreed on a relatively short list of amendments that need to be made before we can say it is finished.

Messages keep ticking in daily from to ask me if this lamp is available yet, so I know there are many people wondering how long it is going to be before we start shipping the lamp. Drew agrees with me that making the product as good as possible is more important than rushing to meet a specific date.

All I can say right now is that the heaviest work is behind us, and that we are rapidly ironing out the last minor issues. We are working to have the lamp ready as soon as possible, but we have not set a final deadline yet. I think you will agree with our priorities and be happy that we are making no compromises once you see the final product.

Limited edition

We are considering a special opportunity for all of you who have followed the lamp faithfully by sending messages at and by posting comments with your email here at You will be the first to know, and we will invite all of you to be the first to get a chance to order a limited edition sample with a certificate that I will personally sign for you as soon as we get the lamp ready.


Kind regards,


149 Responses to “The Alien Abduction Lamp has landed”

  1. Andreas R Says:

    This is great! I’d love a signed copy!

  2. Peter Yee Says:

    Yea yea I’d love to have a signed copy too, from the master of ‘alien abductor’! haha!

  3. Lasse Says:

    He he, we thought it would be the best way to authenticate these as the very first abduction lamps ;)

  4. unai Says:

    wow, other for me!

  5. Dave Wallace Says:

    sign me up for a certificate please

  6. Walter Says:

    I have wanted one of these since I first saw the render!
    Glad to hear it’s almost here.

  7. Deeelight Says:

    Dear Lasse,
    please let me know about the progress with your amazing lamp. I would love to buy some of them as soon as possible!!!

  8. AlienZen Says:

    I think this is absolutely brilliant! I’ll take 2!

  9. Gillet Christian Says:

    Hello from Belgium!
    Amazing news…I am waiting for your lamp.
    I hope you can send it to Belgium…where UFO’s are welcome! (Christian/Brussels)

  10. Madmaxnyc Says:

    That’s fantastic!
    I had seen a link to your design a while back somewhere and thought that was the most awesome lamp design… just brilliant, looking great, with an awesome sense of humor. So congratulations on getting your prototype! Can’t wait till they are produced and available, so we can all be a little bit cooler ;p

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  12. Simbo Says:

    Great that this is progressing as I have followed it for a while. Please let me know when it is available

  13. Amelia Says:

    That is some cool-looking lamp. I’d be thrilled if I’d come across it here in Holland some day… like plasma and lava lamps, it’s just a very awesome lamp to see!

  14. Kendel Says:

    () I can’t wait! I’m in for two (at least).

  15. Trisha Pasnak Says:

    I am so excited! It is such an ingenius idea, I really want one!

  16. D Beach Says:

    Sweeeet! Ever since I saw the design, I’ve been hoping it would make it to production.

  17. Betsy Says:

    This lamp is awesome! Please keep me informed.

  18. peter jenkinson Says:

    I have loved this lamp for months and must have one, the space has been reserved in my room for many months now and I am not sure I can cope in the dark any longer. This lamp rocks!

  19. Markus Huber Says:

    Wow these are good news, im`visiting the website all the time, waiting desperatly..

  20. Kirk Says:

    I would love to get my hands on a limited edition. Please contact me when they are available. Thank you.

  21. J.R. Says:

    I’m ready for mine! How soon and how much? Beam one up to me!

  22. Timm Says:

    A fantastic concept. Can’t wait to see the final product.

  23. Eduardo Says:

    Man, I’d love to have one with the cow. I love cows and ufos. This is fantastic!

  24. Andi Says:

    I can’t wait!! Hope it’s out by Christmas because it’s on my Christmas list!

  25. Jim Beaver Says:

    I want one!

  26. Joansy Says:

    Oh man! I’m late coming to this lamp, but my boyfriend desperately needs this!

  27. Arvid Says:

    I hope it will come out before christmas, bea´cause it would be the perfect gift.

  28. André (PN Admin) Says:

    Today I heard for the first time of your lamp. I think it is really a great idea and I wonder why it hasn’t been done before.
    Well, anyway, I can’t wait to light my small student flat with an original abduction lamp. Hurry up man :-)

    Greetings from Germany,

  29. Fredrik Ganslandt Says:

    I’m late to this party as I just reacently discovered the Alien Abduction Lamp via a photo on facebook. Obviously I rushed to the site a.s.a.p only to find that the lamp is still in pre-production phase.

    Nevertheless. Please keep me posted on when it will come “live”. I’m defenitly going to get one of these…

  30. Caleb Says:

    Exciting news! Do you have a mailing list? If not, i think that would be a fantastic way to keep us informed so we can all jump on a preorder list.

  31. Ben Says:

    I need this lamp my lamp in my life!!! Is it for sale yet?? Please let me have it!!!

  32. Ernie Says:

    This lamp looks amazing! Can I get one please? When do you think it will be “on the market”?

  33. Joshua Says:

    I can’t wait to order one!

  34. William Says:

    The lamp looks great! Please let me know when I can buy one.

  35. James Says:

    Wow what an amazing lamp.I WANT ONE.Please let me know when its comercially available,please!

  36. Cindy Says:

    I’d love to get one of the limited editions too. I can’t wait until they are finally up for sale. They are the coolest thing out there!

  37. Ted Strand Says:

    Would it be possible to be put on the mail list when this is ready?

    Thank you, Ted Strand…

  38. Tom Davis Says:

    YES Yes yes, the lamp is almost ready. Cannot possibly arrive soon enough for me! Waiting patiently, please put me on the mailing list.

    Klatu araba nickto.

  39. The Mother SHip Says:

    I am super psyched about this lamp. I have been waiting for it to come out and I can’t wait. This is almost all I can talk about and I can’t wait ^,^

  40. The Mother SHip Says:

    Yeah you can add me to the mailing list too.

  41. The Mother SHip Says:

    Hey let me know ASAP when they will be ready and how much they will be. My dad and myself are fanatics and I would love to get him one too!!!!!

  42. The Mother SHip Says:

    I don’t know when the will ship to The US in Texas but I am ready for one!!!!

  43. The Mother SHip Says:

    Number ONE priority: get an alien abduction lamp ASAP!!

    Does the cow come with it? LOL. I like the cow :D

  44. Barto Says:

    Lamp + cow + certificate = YESSIR!

  45. Kellie Says:

    No matter the cost (within reason) I will have one of those special edition ones. I’ve been waiting for this for at least a year now!

  46. Alethea Stadler Says:

    If you can find a way to keep the cost and price down, this will be very popular.

  47. Mike Says:

    I’m hoping that it will be ready for Christmas. “We come in peace for all mankind” would be a good Christmas theme.

  48. Mr. Thingdoer Says:

    I hope this thing comes with a probe…

  49. ngometamer Says:

    Standing in line for this one! Can’t wait!

  50. Darksangel Says:


    You know ive been following your progress with this lamp for almost a year now and im soooo glad you have got the first prototypes completed and have even discussed distrubuters with a london office, CONGRATULATIONS!!

    I cant wait to get my hands on one of these lamps, i also hope some of my suggestions came in handy LOL

    I would be very honoured if i was considered by yourself as a limited edition lamp acceptee.

    Here’s wishing!. and congrats again.


  51. Steve Madison Says:

    I am very glad to hear that it is about to be releasted at lasted. I Have been in since the beging and and very much wish to have a signed one so long as it dose not excede $1000. Please let me know when I may order one.

    Thank You
    Steve M

  52. Brad Says:

    weeeeeeeeeeee great news! very cool

  53. Hugo Giralt Says:

    Lasse, congrats for the great design! I would like to have a signed one as well. Keep us posted to know when they come “out of the owen”. We look forward to it :)

    Keep pushing! :)

    Hugo :)

  54. Marko Says:

    Well done! Make it happen…pleaze

  55. Jenn Says:

    I MUST have a lamp as well.

  56. Tracy DeLuca Says:

    Can’t wait. Good luck with all the last minute details!

  57. Ron Says:

    Man… I just got here… and what a perfect thing to get my son for Christmas. He’s 26, and I think he has been abducted, but I love him anyway. I know we just have over a week left, what are the odds?

  58. Shaman Mahmoudi Says:


    Just wanted to say that I have followed the progress of the lamp for a year and can not wait till it is released! Thanks!

  59. Steve from California Says:

    This is the best lamp ever! I gotta have one (or two, or three…)!

  60. Kevin Rismiller Says:

    Been hangin’ in here waiting to hear about the latest news on the lamp… Sign Me up!!!

  61. Chris Says:

    Been following this since the beginning! Can’t friggin’ wait. Let me know!

  62. Alain Says:

    Beam me up …I want one.

  63. Ditte Nielsen Says:

    I just love this lamp! Keep me posted!!!

  64. Dan Says:

    Hello Lasse!
    Great Lamp! I want to buy one! :-) Let me know when They are available.
    Greetings from Denmark

  65. Sascha Says:

    Hello Lasse – I am very interested as well but based in Denmark. However, the Oslo ferry is an option to pick up your wonderful lamp.

  66. Helle Lorenzen Says:

    This lamp is just great. I love it, and I will be in line when they are ready to be sold :-)

  67. Lars Says:

    Scott me up beamy ! – This thing is simply a must have for all lamp- and alien lovers.

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  69. dorn Says:

    Though I think that I am signed up I have to post to say, ME ME ME ME ME! I want one!!!


  70. Paul Says:

    I am so excited about having one of these baby’s on my desk at home!

  71. Liz Says:

    To be honest I just found out about this, but I really would like to get one for my son.

  72. Andrew Says:

    Most creative lamp I have ever seen. the scale and proportions are spot on. please let me know when they are available.

  73. Naid Says:

    Still waiting for it. Oh please, notify me, sell that precious lamp to me, i just love it!

  74. penelope Says:

    in my head i have already placed this lamp in the perfect place in my house. I CAN”T WAIT for it to be ready. but am glad you are not compromising on quality :-). it is something GREAT to look forward to this year…

  75. Jay Goldman Says:

    I’m in for a signed special edition copy too! I’ve even got a perfect spot for it in our house. Let me know when it’s available!

  76. Peggy Says:

    This is a great design! I look forward to the opportunity to purchase one. Please let me know when the limited edition becomes available

  77. scott Says:

    cannot wait to get mine – have already cleared a space for it!

  78. Liam Says:

    How brilliant, instant classic. When I first saw it I thought is was a fantastic piece from the 50′s. Wish I’d thought of it, looking forward to getting my hands on one. Well done Lasse.

  79. NICLAUSSE Says:

    I love the abduction lamp!!! i waitng this great item since a long time ago, i hope i will find this lamp in france or online internet shop

    I am a fan !!!!!!!!!

  80. Brian Says:

    Please save one for me!

  81. Kris Says:

    Amazingly creative work Lasse! Absolutely adore your attention to detail and …ohmigod… exchangeable abductees!!

    I’d love a limited edition… it would go perfectly with our 4′ tall green martian dude kitsch lamp. :)

  82. Mike Says:

    Great idea, I need one. I wrote and recorded a tune called “Spaceships ‘Or Wyoming”
    on my last album, it seems to be getting more airplay than any of the others on the c.d. I think the world is ready! let me know when they can be had. thanks

  83. John Says:

    The lamp is awesome…….. Im ready to buy when it’s ready!!!

  84. Kyoko Says:

    I want a cow by all means.

  85. Robert G. Says:

    Great news that the lamp is almost ready! I’ve been anxiously waiting for this for a long time. Can’t wait to have one on my desk!!

  86. Tony Says:

    I’d already been abducted at the second laying my eyes on this amazing lamp! plz abduct me! take me away from this planet!

  87. Bill Says:

    Still waiting for you to abduct my money for this lamp.

  88. Alien Sightings Says:

    Please count me in for a special alien abduction lamp. I can see that these will be big sellers around the world given the quality of the lamp (I have seen the prototype pictures on your other pages). Just waiting in anticipation now…

  89. Jose manuel Says:

    It´s very very funny ,I love it ,I want to be adducted for this lamp ,I have already booked a place to put
    I wait for one
    best regats from Spain

  90. Beatriz Says:

    Hi Lasse! It’s such a great and beautiful idea!!!!! Please, please… we want one… no, wait we actually NEED two!!!!!!!!
    Good luck with the lamp invasion!

  91. Beatriz Says:

    Argentina awaits!!!!!!!
    Love and Light!

  92. Yvette Says:

    I’ve been waiting for this since february 2008. I want this lamp!

  93. Awesome Says:

    That is cool

  94. mortimer Says:

    That’s the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while.

  95. Alain Says:

    Great idea! Marvelous product! Nice design! I’ve seen your lamp on the blog of Globo here in Brazil, and I’m keen to get one for real! I’m certain it will be a great success. Cheers!

  96. Sue Says:

    Great idea!
    I sure hope they are available soon!
    I would love love LOVE a cow lamp!
    Best Wishes

  97. Carla Says:

    OMG!! Must have it! Seriously, the lamp is amazing. I’m anxiously waiting for it.

  98. rob Says:

    Saw this on OhGizmo *ages* ago and have wanted one ever since. Bovine abductee ftw!

  99. Rich Says:

    I really, really want one of these please.

  100. Dan Says:

    I would like to get my hands on one of those. That is the slickest most innovative lamp idea i have ever seen. I especially like the “Bovine abduction” add-on. Kudos!!!

  101. Yari Says:

    Let me know when these are available…these are great!! Good luck.

  102. John Says:

    This is awesome!

  103. Daniel Says:

    Greetings earthling!
    Please add me to the list.

  104. ian luthe Says:

    hardcore stuff man. gotta love it. :)

  105. Marcial Says:

    A signed copy!?
    Yes, please.
    I’ll continue watching this site for Good News!
    Good luck.

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  107. Jo Espen Johansen Says:

    Hi, I love the lamp!
    And would be much obliged if I could be on the mailing list.
    All the best and good luck.

  108. Robert Miljkovic Says:

    Great Idea! I can’t believe it’s almost ready!! I’ll keep watching.
    A Limited Edition… I’d love one!
    Good luck!

  109. inferno Says:

    I would like to buy 2. When will the lamp be available?

  110. Jennifer Says:

    can’t wait!! the cow abduction simulation is my favorite. as soon as these are available, everyone I know will be receiving one for xmas…

  111. Henrik Says:

    Jeg er med! Strålende!

  112. Liz Says:

    Have just seen a write-up in a Melbourne Newspaper – can’t wait for this to arrive in Australia!

  113. keogh Says:

    let me know when its ready…..awesome idea!

  114. georgina Says:

    beam me up scotty!Ive been wondering where all my cows went- This lamp is destined for greatness (and a special place at my house)tre cool

  115. Eddy Says:

    I have my entire apartment decked out with extratterestrial memorabilia! This lamp would set it off for sure!!!! Please let me know when it’s available.

  116. Rene in Michigan Says:

    Hey! We’re on the same wave length…I submitted a yard sculpture design for approval in my area, and it was to be a UFO sending down a beam of light,( which would actually light up the ground) with three, really pissed off looking, 3 1/2 foot tall Aliens holding nasty looking space weapons. This sculpture would be 20 ft tall.
    The city said, “no way” could I out that in my front yard…got lots of laughs from the board though!
    I had originally thought about having it on my roof, but, I knew that wouldn’t FLY!
    Still working on it…will scale it down!

  117. Geoff Says:

    I’ve been waiting for this product to be made for what seems like years! Hope it’ll become a reality soon!

  118. Elena Says:

    Please let me know when this lamp is available! I am longing for it.

  119. David Says:

    Can’t wait be following forever.. want to know is there going to be a limit on the first run lamps? I have about 4 friends that I would love to get these for!!
    Nice to see you dream come true!!!

  120. Daniel Says:

    Please let me know when these are available. I saw on the web the one with the cow half way up and a more tilted beam.. Is this the one coming out?

  121. Roy Torres Says:

    Can’t wait for this to be out! I’m a creative in advertising and this is the raddest lamp ever.

  122. Mike Says:

    I’m waiting patiently in line. That is VERY cool.

  123. Eric Nakano Says:

    Please add me to your waitlist. This lamp is incredible.

  124. Jukka Says:

    This is something I’ve been waiting for a long time… Absolutely fantastic idea and will – without a doubt – be a brilliant product once polished and launched! Have to get one of these… or two perhaps.

  125. vivien Says:

    i just want to know… when can i actually get one!!! or may be two!

  126. Darrell Neuman Says:

    Please let me know when the alien abduction lamp is available.

  127. tyson Says:

    I would love a lamp… I hope we can buy one soon

  128. alex Says:

    would be a dream to own one..with the cow!

  129. Björn Börner Says:

    Yeah even the german go crazy for this lamp… so i hope it will be possibele to order before octobre so i can get it on my birthday

  130. Lucy Says:

    Best lamp ever. A definite buy once available.

  131. Paul Says:

    Can’t wait for it to land on our shores!

  132. Kevin Says:

    I Love it. I’ll definitely buy one!

  133. Caroline Says:

    Fantastic. Would definitely get one!

  134. jessica Says:

    agreed with many of the comments above – I WANT THIS LAMP.

  135. melaloo Says:

    Me! Me! Me! I’m getting oneeee. Hope you guys hover over Asia…

  136. Kristen Says:

    I love this lamp. Please tell me it will be out in time for Christmas!

  137. matt Says:

    This lamp is absolutely amazing! Please let me know as soon as it is available!!

  138. Jaboo Says:

    would look great on the nightstand.

  139. Justus Says:

    It’s my birthday in 4 days. Any chance? Haha. News of impending production would be good enough.

  140. Leigh Says:

    This lamp is ace

  141. Patrica Says:

    We are living in darkness, because no other lamp will do.

  142. Oztru Says:

    We here on Mars are waiting with a copyright infringement notice, so please get a move on. We’re currently in the process of a genetic makeover and consequently won’t get compensation if we look too different!

  143. Steve Madison Says:

    Greetings I have been following and waiting for this lamp since I first came across the article almost 2 years ago ( I think ) and I have commented once in a while just to stay in touch. I realy want one of these lamps and I’m not overly concered about the price, particularly if it comes with the signed certificate.

  144. [s]an[/d]er Says:

    this is so cool :D

  145. [s]an[/d]er Says:

    I want one O:

  146. Kendel Says:

    Any recent updates?

  147. dennis daniels Says:

    What a cool lamp…..we would love to get one asap. Please let me know when I can get an order in. Thanks again. D

  148. Cathy Gibson Says:

    Yes, please let me know when the lamp is available.
    Thank you

  149. Julius Says:

    I expect could have one, i´m waiting to have one a lot of time!