Alien Abduction Lamp: from concept to prototype

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Exploded view

I got the idea for the Alien Abduction Lamp late in the summer of 2006, and I finished designing the lamp during a holiday in Italy in May 2007. I published the 3D renderings on June 4. 2007; – with low expectations, and without any plans for taking the project beyond the concept stage.

High demand

Shortly after publishing the lamp, the response was overwhelming. International press and blog press wrote several articles about the lamp, and I got Stumbled, Dugg and Boing-Boing-ed. Messages were ticking in daily, and they continue to do so today. I have also been contacted by several manufacturers, distributors and resellers. The massive demand made me change my mind, and I started to feel a personal responsibility to take the Alien Abduction Lamp from concept to product.

Still just a concept?

I had a great time on a six month paternity leave with my little daughter this autumn. The paternity leave gave me less time to work on this and other projects than I had hoped for. In addition to this, the companies that I got in touch with last summer were all really busy. So a lot of time this autumn was spent waiting for communication in both directions between myself and the different companies.

The right path

There are several paths from idea to product, and I made the decision early on that I wanted to license the design to a company with a proven record of producing good products, rather than attempting to do it all myself. This will only give me a small percentage of the sales, but my biggest goal right now is to have the lamp made in the best quality possible. I do not have the time, the funds or the experience to go all the way by myself.

A UK based company

I have ended up selecting a quite small but very capable company based in the UK. They will be producing the lamp in China where they also have an office. I am licensing the design while keeping creative control, and we are now working closely together to make this the best product possible. Distribution and sales will be handled from their office in the UK.


There will probably be some differences between a 3D rendering based on a wild idea, and a real product based on the same drawings. Some design decisions and minor changes will have to be made, but I think it is very important that the final product becomes something that all the people who has shown a strong interest in the concept would still like and wish to own.

More than 1600 people had sent me an enthusiastic message from by the beginning of March. I found out that the best way to get the answers that I needed was to put together a small survey on the most important decisions that have to be made for the people that have expressed a wish to buy this lamp. I have summarised the survey, and I will publish the main findings here in the near future.

Next steps

The next step is to produce a working prototype. How long it will take from there until the lamp is ready for shipping is too early to say, but I hope that the lamp will be available some time during 2008 if everything goes well.

Stay tuned!

I will keep you informed on the progress if you send me a message with your email address from I promise that you will only receive relevant messages from me.


The Alien Abduction Lamp is now a physical prototype. Read more!


  1. Peter Yee
    April 3 2008

    I have been following your news since last june and i am STILL fired up by this cute concept! Would it be possible that you put the survey result too? (i sent mine ^_^) And please dont charge so expensive ya, im staying in Malaysia. P/S: i heard there’s few cow missing in my country… i wonder could it be…

  2. Andreas Rødland
    April 3 2008

    We are so looking forward to it, Mr Klein!

  3. Winter S. Zookepper
    April 3 2008

    Absolutely fabulous. I’ve been checking in here for (what seems like) ages waiting for solid updates on the lamp. Glad to see things are moving forward!

  4. » Blog Archive » The Abduction Lamp
    April 3 2008

    [...] The Alien Abduction Lamp is moving from concept to prototype. [...]

  5. Lasse
    April 3 2008

    I am very glad to hear that you are still interested! I will post some key findings from the survey once I have the time. I will also post a small guide to host surveys of your own. One of the results was that the majority wanted the metal/glass version. That is the one that I want for myself too. It will cost more to produce than the plastic version, but I think it will be worth it. The final price will not be up to me to decide, but I am sure it will be reasonable.

    Takk for det, min gode mann!

    I am glad you haven’t given up on me. It seems like ages for me too. There has been a lot of waiting and some ups and downs. I did not want to publish anything until I had something concrete to say and a strong belief that this will actually happen. I will not completely believe that the lamp is being produced until I hold it in my hands. I hope that will happen in the not too distant future!

  6. Winter S. Zookepper
    April 8 2008

    Thanks for the reply! Very excited to know that you’re steering towards the glass & metal version.

    I’ll keep my eyes peeled!

  7. Duvet-Dayz
    April 15 2008

    Alien Abduction Lamp moves from concept to prototype…

    The “Alien Abduction lamp” which we all enjoyed early 2007 looks like moving forward from concept to production. Designer Lasse Klein put “an update” on his web site.
    Tell us when the production starts – we want one.
    continue …

  8. Raven
    April 19 2008

    I am SO excited about this lamp! I’ll be checking back frequently for updates. I can’t wait to have the opportunity to add it to my decor!

  9. Darksangel
    April 19 2008

    ABSOLUTLEY BRILLIANT!! you know exactly what you are doing and its great to see that you still have the people that are interested in buying the lamp firmly in the forefront of what decisions you make. REMEMBER ket me know when its out you sale, ive been keeping my eyes on this product since i last contacted you about it with some ideas – glad to see that hopefully it will be ready to ship this year!! keep up the good work!! and congrats on your baby daughter!!

  10. Winter S. Zookepper
    April 24 2008

    Ya know…when I first saw this post and noted the date (April 1st, traditionally “April Fool’s Day” in the US) I was a bit skeptical. I keep coming back expecting to see a “HA! I gotcha!” post. Glad to see that hasn’t yet happened. ;-)

    Onward HO!

  11. Linda H
    April 26 2008

    I would like to buy a bovine abductee lamp pleeese!!!!

  12. Tomspud5
    May 3 2008

    i would really like to buy it!

  13. Pierciccio
    June 14 2008

    Also i would really like to buy it!

  14. Ryan
    June 22 2008

    Good to see that you have gotten enough feedback so that this will not be yet another cool idea that just fades away. I am hoping for it to be available by Christmas.

  15. Wayne Andersen
    June 30 2008

    We are eagerly awaiting first shipment! If I can afford to pay for them all, I’ll order enough for my extended family! We all agree– this is the coolest thing to come along in 20 years!

    About ordering, what is the UK company’s name? Are they accepting advance orders? Have they set up distribution for the US? I would love to be able to send them out to my friends and family at Christmas time!

  16. Cat
    July 5 2008

    I need to get one for my stepmother-in-law for Christmas. Too cool!

  17. Mofei Meng
    July 22 2008

    So cool! And if it can be produce in China, I can save the transportation fee, ha ha!
    Pls move it on! For us Si-fi fans.
    The sooner the better!

  18. sindy
    July 26 2008

    Sweet, I would like to buy one!!

  19. The OSM Blog
    August 1 2008

    The Alien Abduction Lamp…

    Suck up those cows!
    I have to tell you, I really want one of these. It just looks so awesome. If it was on my desk, I probably would not get any work done. Especially, if the cow would “moo” in fear as it was being sucked up. How awesome wo…

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  21. Kim
    September 4 2008

    TOO cute!! LOVE IT.
    I really want to buy one, when and where will we be able too get one?

  22. jan due
    September 12 2008

    love your idea. please return back when in production. we have a design shop with selected goods.
    kind regards
    jan due

  23. Zook
    September 18 2008

    Where’s my bloody freakin’ lamp already!!??!!


    Just kidding.

    But, really. Where is it?


    September 29 2008

    I have no website, but I have EMail [address removed] where I want you to send a message as soon you finish to make this product to the market. I only want one or 2 lamps, no more, depending on the price.
    That’s all, thank you for your atention. Today is 29 Monday Sep 2008.

  25. Fatima
    October 2 2008

    OMG!! This is the coolest lamp any fan could ever own… please just launch it already.. WE CAN’T WAIT!!

  26. Lasse
    October 3 2008

    Thank you all for your kind comments and for your continued interest.

    I have just posted some good news about the Alien Abduction Lamp

  27. Dave Wallace
    October 10 2008

    Can you make the dimensions available? A larger lamp is great for the home, but what about a smaller version for my cube at work? Battery-operated Keychains? T-Shirts? Fridge magnets? A lava lamp version where the abductee floats! Now THAT would be the shite!

  28. Heather Kimel
    October 20 2008

    Dave Wallace has a GREAT idea about the lava version! HURRY HURRY I want one now!!!!! What about a vacuum feature where you can suck up the cows and stuff?

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    October 30 2008

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  30. GILLET
    December 10 2008

    I follow you since several months from…Belgium, old country for ufo’s. Let’s go with your amazing project.Ok for quality.Maybe you can let a place in the conic tube in order to add some optional/personal piece (little figurine/car…).In any case, I want to buy it and I hope that this lamp will be real.Congratulations.

  31. UFO Sightings
    January 9 2009

    I am with everyone else on this – the design is amazing and I am not at all surprised by the demand, I will be buying one as soon as they become available!

  32. Alien Sightings
    February 10 2009

    I would love to feature these UFO lamps on my site, I am sure they would be a great seller (not too mention I want one myself!). If you would like to get in touch we can discuss, assuming it is now in production….